Payments & Exemptions

  1. Your prescriptions are free – according to your age or if you have an exemption.
  2. You pay for your prescriptions – £9.35 per item or you have a pre-payment certificate.

Free prescriptions

You’re entitled to free NHS prescriptions if you are:

  • Under 16
  • Aged 16-18 and in full time education
  • Aged 60 or over


Some groups are automatically entitled to free NHS prescriptions. Others can apply for certificates that entitle them to free NHS prescriptions.

For medical and maternity exemptions, we have forms in the dispensary which you can fill out, and then we will pass them on to the doctor to be signed.

You will need to bring proof of your exemption every time you collect your medication.

Paying for prescriptions

It is £9.35 per item.

We accept and encourage debit card payments.

Note that contraceptives are free.

If you regularly have more than one item per month, then it is worth getting a pre-payment certificate.


You can apply for prepayment, for either 3 months or a year, to save money:

  • £30.25 for 3 months
  • £108.10 for 12 months

You will need to bring proof of your prepayment every time you collect your medication.

It’s your own responsibility to check that you’re entitled before claiming free prescriptions. If you claim free prescriptions that you’re not entitled to, you could have to pay a penalty charge of up to £100.

HRT PPC available from 1 April 2023

On 1 April 2023, a new Prescription Prepayment Certificate (PPC) will be introduced to reduce the cost of hormone replacement therapy (HRT). ​​​If you are prescribed HRT, check if an HRT PPC will be more suitable for you. It covers an unlimited number of listed HRT medicines.

Find more information on the Hormone Replacement Therapy Prescription Prepayment Certificate page.