New Appointment System

From 1st April 2020 how you book certain appointments is changing.

What is care navigation?

Our reception team will ask you a series of questions before you book and appointment.

The Doctors at the surgery have decided on these questions and instructed the reception team to ask them.

By asking the questions we can ensure that patients are seen by the correct clinician.

Not all patients need to be seen by a GP:

Medication Reviews are now completed with our clinical Pharmacist Jermaine.

Contraceptive pill checks are with our Nursing team.

Requests for sick certificates and blood forms can be submitted via eConsult on our website.

Medication requests can be made online, via the myGP app, by emailing or by dropping a written request into the box in reception.

How will the new appointment system work?

Instead of Book on day appointments we will now have Book in week appointments.

You can call from 8:30am onwards and our reception team will ask you the three questions:

Why would you like an appointment today?

How long have you had the symptoms?

Why is it a medical emergency today?

The reception staff will then offer you an appointment within the same week – many of our appointments On the Day are not medical emergencies.

If the call is a medical emergency requiring immediate medical attention, we can book you in that day, but a GP will call you before to triage the medical emergency.

We also now have some 15 minute slots available for patients wishing to discuss more than one issue.

You can still book online and book routine appointments in surgery.